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    Broadband cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy with incoherent light
    (Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2014) Ruth, Albert A.; Dixneuf, Sophie; Raghunandan, R.; Gagliardi, Gianluca; Loock, Hans-Peter
    Although broadband incoherent light does not efficiently couple into a high-finesse optical cavity, its transmission is readily detectable and enables applications in cavity-enhanced absorption spectroscopy in the gas phase, liquid phase and on surfaces. This chapter gives an overview of measurement principles and experimental approaches implementing incoherent light sources in cavity-enhanced spectroscopic applications. The general principles of broadband CEAS are outlined and general “pros and cons” discussed, detailing aspects like cavity mirror reflectivity calibration or the establishment of detection limits. Different approaches concerning light sources, cavity design and detection schemes are discussed and a comprehensive overview of the current literature based on a methodological classification scheme is also presented.