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    The rapture
    (Paul O'Donnell Music, 2011) O'Donnell, Paul
    A Jazz - World Music composition. A composition in 5/4 time with a 16 bar A B structure divided into two 8 bar sections. The melody and harmonies are based on the E flat jazz melodic minor scale. To view a performance of this piece please go to the URL link below. To view the written out music score please go to the UCC CORA repository.
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    In the flow
    (Paul O'Donnell Music, 2010) O'Donnell, Paul
    Contemporary blues in B flat. A 12 bar blues utilising the bebop blues harmonic structure.
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    Hangin' with the King
    (Paul O'Donnell Music, 2011) O'Donnell, Paul; O'Donnell, David
    Upbeat Jazz-Funk- World Music piece. Most of the piece is based on an engaging Dorian modal melody. The melody alternates between single line and chordal textures.
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    Full moon dance
    (Paul O Donnell Music, 2013) O'Donnell, Paul
    A Jazz Celtic World Music Fusion Jig. A jig time melody placed in a setting where the rhythm section plays in 4/4 and 6/4 time simultaneously over contemporary modal jazz voicings
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    On the run
    (Paul O Donnell Music, 2014) O'Donnell, Paul
    AABA Modal/World Music Fusion piece. A modal piece with the A sections based on the D dorian mode and the B section based on the E flat dorian mode. The time signature moves around in the A section (between 6/8 and 9/8. The melody of the B section is fragmented and contains unorthodox phrase starting and ending points