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    Research protocol for a case study of crowdsourcing software development
    (University of Limerick, 2014-01) Stol, Klaas-Jan; Fitzgerald, Brian; Science Foundation Ireland
    Crowdsourcing is an emerging topic within software engineering research. This report presents the protocol for our case study of crowdsourcing at a multi-national company. The findings of the case study are presented in a paper in the proceedings of the 36th International Conference on Software Engineering (2014) (see ref. [37]). This protocol presents additional details that provide more insight regarding the background, design and execution of our study. The research design can also be used for replicating the case study so as to be able to more easily compare different case studies.
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    Open meta-search with OpenSearch: a case study
    (Computer Science Department, University College Cork, Ireland, 2007-12) O'Riordan, Adrian P.
    The goal of this project was to demonstrate the possibilities of open source search engine and aggregation technology in a Web environment by building a meta-search engine which employs free open search engines and open protocols. In contrast many meta-search engines on the Internet use proprietary search systems. The search engines employed in this case study are all based on the OpenSearch protocol. OpenSearch-compliant systems support XML technologies such as RSS and Atom for aggregation and distribution. The meta-search engine itself combines the ranked lists of the chosen search sources based on user-supplied weightings. This is implemented in Lucene, a free open source information retrieval library.