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    Ireland’s offshore islands: Housing needs survey
    (University College Cork, 2023-11-23) Cashman, Conor; O'Sullivan, Siobhán; Comhdháil Oileáin na hÉireann, The Irish Islands Federation
    This report sets out the results of research conducted between September and December 2022 regarding the housing needs of Ireland’s offshore island communities. The research, funded by Comhdháil Oileáin na hÉireann, aimed to: understand the current housing situation and circumstances prevalent on Ireland’s offshore islands; document quantitative and qualitative data as to the nature of housing needs for island communities; explore perspectives on the barriers to housing and housing issues on the islands; and consider how housing needs and sustainability can be best met in the coming years.
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    Intergenerational use of homeless services and educational interventions in Good Shepherd Cork
    (Good Shepherd Cork, 2023) O’Connell, Cathal; Buckley, Margaret; Frewen, Paul; Irish Research Council
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    A sense of freedom: Exploring everyday experiences of cycling in an Irish regional city
    (Institute for Social Science in the 21st Century, University College Cork, 2023-10) Hogan, Eileen; Jeffers, Becci; Irish Research Council
    In current policy and planning discourse, there is great interest in reimagining and redesigning cities as more cycling-friendly spaces. Research shows that good cycling infrastructure is the first step to increasing cycling rates. However, social and cultural factors are also important for understanding the attractions of cycling and barriers to cycling but these tend to be under-explored in transport policy and research. In partnership with the Cork Environmental Forum and the Cork Cycling Campaign, this study set out to develop social scientific knowledge about cycling as a social practice, focusing on Cork as a case study of an Irish regional city, with a view to informing pro-cycling policy.
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    Findings from a needs assessment conducted with street sex workers in the London borough of Newham between February and April 2013
    (Homerton University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, 2013-05-17) MacQuarie, Julius-Cezar; Perry, Georgina
    Between February and April 2013, Open Doors (clinical, case management and outreach service for sex workers in East London) undertook a commission from the Newham Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership to conduct an assessment into the needs of Street Sex Workers in the borough (Perry, 2013). The initiative was commissioned in order to understand the scope and types of issues facing at-street women sex workers (and their male partners) in Newham borough of London. The documentation and analysis of outcomes from case management interventions served to provide the stakeholders with partnership pathways and protocols negotiated with key service providers in the Newham borough. A mixed method approach was used to collect qualitative and quantitative information. By building on quantitative findings with rich narratives, the assessment elicits a nuanced understanding of the diversity of needs within the Street Sex Work population in Newham.
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    Double deficit: Older and ageing persons in the Irish private rental sector. A Threshold and Alone Report
    (ALONE and Threshold, 2023-05) Haran, Niall; Butler, Paul; Finnerty, Joe; Government of Ireland
    This document is the report of a study into the housing experiences and pathways of older and ageing people renting in Ireland’s private rental sector (PRS). The study set out to capture the needs, aspirations, pathways and experiences of older and ageing people in the PRS and, in particular, to measure the impact of renting on the wellbeing of older tenants. It also sought to offer an assessment on the appropriateness of the PRS as a tenure option for those aged in excess of 55 years. In addition, an objective of the research was to identify recommendations for policy and legislation relevant to the sustainable and secure accommodation of older people.