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    D4 Report on SHAFE policies, strategies and funding
    (NET4Age-Friendly, 2021-11) van Staalduinen, Willeke; Spiru, Luiza; Illario, Maddalena; Dantas, Carina; Paul, Cosmina; Naselli , Fabio; Coman, Florina; European Cooperation in Science and Technology; Kelly, Helen
    The objective of Working Group (WG) 4 of the COST Action NET4Age-Friendly is to examine existing policies, advocacy, and funding opportunities and to build up relations with policy makers and funding organisations. Also, to synthesize and improve existing knowledge and models to develop from effective business and evaluation models, as well as to guarantee quality and education, proper dissemination and ensure the future of the Action. The Working Group further aims to enable capacity building to improve interdisciplinary participation, to promote knowledge exchange and to foster a cross-European interdisciplinary research capacity, to improve cooperation and co-creation with cross-sectors stakeholders and to introduce and educate students SHAFE implementation and sustainability (CB01, CB03, CB04, CB05). To enable the achievement of the objectives of Working Group 4, the Leader of the Working Group, the Chair and Vice-Chair, in close cooperation with the Science Communication Coordinator, developed a template (see annex 1) to map the current state of SHAFE policies, funding opportunities and networking in the COST member countries of the Action. On invitation, the Working Group lead received contributions from 37 countries, in a total of 85 Action members. The contributions provide an overview of the diversity of SHAFE policies and opportunities in Europe and beyond. These were not edited or revised and are a result of the main areas of expertise and knowledge of the contributors; thus, gaps in areas or content are possible and these shall be further explored in the following works and reports of this WG. But this preliminary mapping is of huge importance to proceed with the WG activities.
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    Evaluation of the in-school and early years therapy support demonstration project
    (National Council for Special Education, 2020-10) Lynch, Helen; Ring, Emer; Boyle, Bryan; Moore, Alice; O'Toole, Ciara; O'Sullivan, Lisha; Brophy, Therese; Frizelle, Pauline; Horgan, Deirdre; O'Sullivan, Deirdre; National Council for Special Education, NCSE, Ireland