Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media. Issue 15: I-Docs as Intervention: The Poetics and Politics of Polyphony

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    Far East Film Festival 20
    (2018) Ulfsdotter, Boel; Björkin, Mats; Abbatescianni, Davide
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    “Looking Out”: The 2018 Association for Art History’s Annual Conference
    (2018) McIver, Gillian; Abbatescianni, Davide
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    Polyphony in practice: an interview with Sharon Daniel
    (Film and Screen Media, University College Cork, 2018) Daniel, Sharon; Aston, Judith; Odorico, Stefano
    Media artist Sharon Daniel has been involved with the i-Docs community since its inception—having presented her online documentaries and works in progress at all five i-Docs symposia that have taken place since 2011. We consider her to be a central and inspirational figure within this community, for whom the concepts of polyphony and heteroglossia are key to her ongoing practice. Here we build on her own previous references to these terms, in order to explore with her in more depth how polyphony and heteroglossia play out through her work. We also ask how and why she sees this approach to “cultural democracy” as an ever-moreurgent form of activism and intervention.
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    Enacting polyphony: an interview with Florian Thalhofer
    (Film and Screen Media, University College Cork, 2018) Thalhofeer, Florian; Aston, Judith; Odorico, Stefano
    Florian Thalhofer is a documentary filmmaker and the inventor of Korsakow, a software to create a new form of film and a principle to create a new kind of story. Florian’s system allows video makers to create nonlinear and interactive films and to tell stories through a number of links generated by keywords. Thalhofer’s Korsakow films include Planet Galata and The Other Fun Stuff. Starting from a SNU (Smallest Narrative Units, as he calls them) his film are polyphonic representations of our world. Florian gave a keynote at the first i-Docs Symposium in 2011, and has been an active and deeply committed member of the i-Docs community ever since.