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    “Annat” in Scotland: A provisional review
    (School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh, 1973) MacDonald, Aidan D. S.
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    Reiclés in the Irish Annals to AD 1200
    (Brepols Publishers, 1999) MacDonald, Aidan D. S.
    This paper offers a detailed discussion of the annalistic evidence for the Early Medieval church type, reiclés, in an attempt to establish its true nature and its role in the Irish church in the twelfth century and before.
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    The archaeology of Elgin: excavations on Ladyhill and in the High Street, with an overview of the archaeology of the burgh
    (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 1998) Hall, D.; MacDonald, Aidan D. S.; Perry, D. R.; Terry, J.; Cox, A.; Crowley, N.; Ellis, B. M. A.; Holmes, N. M. M.; Smith, C.; Stevenson, R; Àrainneachd Eachdraidheil Alba; Historic Scotland
    Part 1 of this paper presents the results of excavations on Ladyhill and the High Street, Elgin, which provide new evidence for the castle, the backlands, the graveyard associated with the medieval parish church of St Giles and the tolbooth. These excavations also add to our knowledge of the nature and extent of the archaeology of the burgh in general. Part 2, following the excavation results, is an overview of the archaeology of Elgin, placing it in the context of the history of the town, and including a gazetteer of all sites examined in Elgin to date. Publication of this work is supported by a grant from Historic Scotland
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    Caiseal, Cathair, Dùn, Lios and Ràth in Scotland, I: Dùn
    (Ulster Place Name Society, 1981) MacDonald, Aidan D. S.
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    Excavations at Lochmaben Castle, Dumfriesshire
    (Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 1975-11-30) MacDonald, Aidan D. S.; Laing, Lloyd