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    Creating a play-friendly community with children: A report on a participatory-ethnographic research
    (Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, Scotland, 2023) Veiga-Seijo, Silvia; Children Participants; Kantartzis, Sarah; Jackson, Jeanne; Horizon 2020; H2020 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions
    This report is an outcome of the research “Creating a Play-Friendly Community with Children“, carried out by Silvia Veiga-Seijo (PhD student) with 17 children co-researchers aged between 5 and 12. The research project aimed to look into the perspectives of children and community members for developing a play-friendly community in Whitecraig (East Lothian, Scotland). The report was co-created with the children alongside Silvia, and it is founded on children’s voices and perspectives: our voices, stories, and experiences of doing and living the project together. The motivation for writing this collaborative report emerged after celebrating a local community event organised and led by the children participants in their school. During this event, children presented their perspectives of play through a puppet show and two songs to families, community residents, school staff, stakeholders, and policy-makers. After their presentation, the children led a discussion on a question of great importance to them: “how are we going to help” with their call to action to play together in their community and make play better for everyone. Adults and policy-makers highlighted the need of elaborating a written report on the children’s perspectives and share it with both East Lothian Council and the Scottish Government. Likewise, the community suggested “spread the word of this amazing work to other parts of Scotland”. This report attempts to respond to these needs as part of these collective endeavors and actions.
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    AOTI Research Strategy 2014-2019
    (Association of Occupational Therapists of Ireland (AOTI), 2012) Boland, Leonie; Fox, Jackie; Hynes, Patrick; Lynch, Helen; Lyons, Eimear; McGarry, Tanya; Quinn, Sarah; Brown, Mark; Lee, Sarah; Barry, Margot
    The Association of Occupational Therapists of Ireland (AOTI) is the professional body for occupational therapists in Ireland. As a professional body, AOTI recognises the importance of ensuring evidence-based best practice, effectiveness and efficiency in the delivery of Occupational Therapy services to the benefit of service users. In 2007 a research committee was established within AOTI to guide a research agenda for the profession. In 2008, The Therapy Project Office developed core competencies for the occupational therapy profession (Therapy Project Office, 2008). These had a research and evidence-based focus.
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    Community parks and playgrounds: Intergenerational participation through Universal Design
    (Centre for Excellence in Universal Design, 2019) Lynch, Helen; Moore, Alice; Edwards, Claire; Horgan, Linda; National Disability Authority, Ireland
    Accessible and inclusive community environments are fundamental for enabling social inclusion. As a set of design principles, Universal Design (UD) offers the potential to create inclusive environments that are accessible to as many people as possible. Yet to date, community environments such as parks and playgrounds have received little attention in relation to UD, to designing for diverse groups of users, including children with and without disabilities, and intergenerational users. This report contains an analysis of play value, UD and usability of parks and playgrounds in one local council area (Cork City Council). The aims of the research were:•To explore what is known from an international perspective on UD as a method which delivers inclusivity, in relation to parks and playgrounds, play and participation. •To gain diverse users’ perspectives of children with and without disabilities and their families/carers, of their experiences of accessing and engaging in play in public parks and playgrounds. •To identify recommendations for best practice in providing for families in public parks and playgrounds, as a means of progressing lifetime communities from a UD approach.
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    Evaluation of the in-school and early years therapy support demonstration project
    (National Council for Special Education, 2020-10) Lynch, Helen; Ring, Emer; Boyle, Bryan; Moore, Alice; O'Toole, Ciara; O'Sullivan, Lisha; Brophy, Therese; Frizelle, Pauline; Horgan, Deirdre; O'Sullivan, Deirdre; National Council for Special Education, NCSE, Ireland