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    Graduate Information Literacy Skills (PG6009): A module reimagined
    (2023-12-05) Madden, Ronan; Williamson, Ben; Coffey, Aoife; Thorpe, Deborah; Bowman, Siobhan
    Introduction: The Library has delivered the PG6009 module since 2008. Running twice per year for PhD and MRes students, it introduces the principles and practice of Information Literacy as applied to research. The course content was influenced by the prevailing view of IL at the time of its design: as a set of abilities requiring individuals to ‘recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information’. Redesigning the module: Students are having a major input. The evaluation process has been adapted to collect more useful feedback, enabling the team to improve the content and delivery. The team agreed to : Create a new cohesive offering with a central theme: open Research; Try new approaches and to seek input and feedback from the students ahead of BoM changes in March 2024; Teach students as a multidisciplinary group; Consider different approaches to delivery e.g. delivered over multiple weeks, and/or a fully online delivery. Feedback from the participants will be important; Incorporate more interactive elements to each unit and evaluating the response to and impact of these elements; Try out a variety of physical spaces that suit the requirements e.g. hands-on practice, discussion, interaction; Continue with a pass/fail assessment, but add formative assessments to encourage and monitor ongoing engagement. What we want you to know: PG6009 is unique in being a library-led module. It is a 5 credit module with a focus on information data literacy. We are evaluating it influenced by metaliteracy and critical information literacy, with a focus on metacognition or critical self reflection as crucial to becoming more self-directed in a rapidly changing information ecosystem.
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    4 steps to improving learning and teaching in Open Education
    (2023-12-05) Fray, Eoin; Bolado Colina, Eugenia; Muñoz Gómez, Estefanía
    This poster encompasses the development of a pilot project in which a virtual learning environment (VLE) course page was redesigned to enhance the visibility, accessibility, and quality of resources, including OER. Additionally, the poster highlights the involvement and partnering with students from the pilot project cohort to have them create OER content.
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    Enhancing students' digital fluency and employability: a collaboration between UCC Library, UCC Skills Centre and the UCC Graduate Attributes Programme
    (2023-12-05) Chen, Stephanie; O’Sullivan, Clodagh; Regan, Éadaoin; Coleman, Adel; Synnott, Declan; Hackett, David
    This poster will showcase a collaborative initiative between UCC Library, Graduate Attributes Programme (GAP), and the Skills Centre. To promote UCC Graduate Attributes and Values and to address the increasing demand for the development of digital skills, we created a series of innovative workshops held in the technology-rich Digital Scholarship Studio on Q+1 of Boole Library focused on visual communication, podcasting and audio editing, video editing, and digital accessibility. The workshops are open to all UCC students, regardless of discipline, and are designed to empower students with essential digital skills that will contribute to their skill set and employability. Attendance in these workshops can count towards the UCC EmployAgility Award, a professional skills development programme that rewards students for their non-academic contributions. The poster will highlight the different workshops as well as outline how they align with Graduate Attributes and Values and how technology in the Digital Scholarship Studio is used to enhance the overall teaching and learning experience.
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    Uncovering the depths: Educating with the SDGs in Special Collections & Archives
    (2023-12-05) Harrington, Elaine; Horgan, Emma; Rooney, John
    Special Collections & Archives acknowledge that multiple perspectives are required to solve ‘wicked’ problems. Therefore, this poster will address ongoing work with the SDGS intersecting with Special Collections & Archives. This will include collection-focused activities for teaching & learning with academics and departments, and outreach activities which include student participation. The poster will reference UCC’s SDG toolkit and UN's SDGs, and will address SDG targets including SDGs 4, 14, 15 amongst others. This poster demonstrates the ongoing relevance of Special Collections & Archives' collections to society, and how the collections and expertise of the staff can be used for inter/trans-disciplinarity research. The poster relates to student success, graduate attributes, inter/ transdisciplinary learning and teaching where all can be considered the ‘student’.