Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media. Issue 22: On the Cultural Circulation of Contemporary European Crime Cinema

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    On the cultural circulation of contemporary European crime cinema
    (Film and Screen Media, University College Cork, 2022) Baschiera, Stefano; Baschiera, Stefano
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    The Red Years of Cahiers du Cinéma (1968–1973), by Daniel Fairfax
    (Film and Screen Media, University College Cork, 2022) Grosoli, Marco; Murphy, Jill
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    Twenty-First-Century Hollywood: Rebooting the System, by Neil Archer
    (Film and Screen Media, University College Cork, 2022) Christensen, Alexander; Murphy, Jill
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    Capturing European crime: European crime cinema at European film festivals
    (Film and Screen Media, University College Cork, 2022) Hunter, Russ; Baschiera, Stefano
    As “shop windows” for newly produced but not-yet-released films, the study of festivals is one measure by which it is possible to assess the nature, presence and relative quantity of European crime films made in any given year. This article explores the presence of European crime films at European film festivals by examining the complete festival programmes from Cannes, Berlin and Venice. These three festivals are widely regarded as the most prestigious and largest in Europe (forming part of the global “Big 5” alongside Sundance and Toronto) and as such are premier destination for films of all types, particularly European productions. The prestige and visibility afforded by them means that they are key sites of exhibition, marketing and potential distribution to any film that is programmed there. The aim is to begin substantiating the numerical, national and transnational make-up of European crime cinema by using its presence on the European festival circuit as means to highlight its contemporary production status. A systematic analysis of all films programmed at Cannes, Venice and Berlin in order to identify the European crime films present identified a total 289 films (8.05% of the total films programmed at these festivals) out of 3587 films surveyed across a five-year period (2016–2020).
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    Documentary Across Platforms: Reverse Engineering Media, Place, and Politics, by Patricia R. Zimmerman
    (Film and Screen Media, University College Cork, 2022) Waldron, Dara; Murphy, Jill