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    Domestic macroeconomic determinants of precious metals prices in developed and emerging economies: An international analysis of the long and short run
    (Elsevier, 2023-07-23) Rana, Hafiz Muhammad Usman; O'Connor, Fergal
    This study examines the relationship between domestic macroeconomic factors and domestic precious metals prices across developed and emerging markets from 1979 to 2020. The statistical characteristics of the domestic variables are not found to be consistent across countries, so that these relationships cannot be modelled in one specific way. To model each metal domestically, we use various time series techniques as dictated by the combined characteristics of the domestic variables. The findings of this analysis reveal relationships that are not consistent across countries or precious metals. No consistent set of variables is found to exist that can explain either the short or the long run determinants of domestic precious metals prices, and there is no clear divide between developed or emerging markets. Any model of the determinants of a precious metal's domestic price requires individual handling by the practitioners or academics undertaking it, rather than assuming a single set of determinants as is frequently done
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    Orwell's efforts in (self-)persuasion
    (University of Pennsylvania Press, 2023) Considine, John
    When George Orwell was appointed literary editor of London's Tribune magazine in late 1943 he was a financially unsuccessful author. Encouraged by his new position, he engaged in a campaign of journalistic persuasion. The campaign started by seeking to persuade the public to purchase more books. His initial enthusiasm was replaced by a despairing realization that the public's purchases were less than he suspected and that his campaign was unlikely to change the situation. His journalism then changed in a subtle way. On the surface he asked the public to admit their preference for movies, dog racing, and socialized alcohol consumption. But at a deeper level, Orwell's weekly columns were an effort in self-persuasion. Ironically, as his editorial campaign failed to persuade people to buy more books, his efforts to find a larger market for his own books started to succeed. Maybe this persuaded him to be more accepting of the public's preferences.
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    Broadcasting demand for Formula One: Viewer preferences for outcome uncertainty in the United States
    (Routledge, 2023-07-17) Fahy, Ronan; Butler, David; Butler, Robert
    We explore the determinants of broadcasting demand for Formula One racing in the United States of America and pay specific attention to the relationship between outcome uncertainty and television viewership figures. Using implied probabilities derived from betting odds, we offer an approach to measuring outcome uncertainty that differs from those currently established in the Formula One broadcasting demand literature. We do not find any evidence to support the uncertainty of outcome hypothesis. On the contrary, viewers display a preference for less closely contested races. We find that scheduling and accessibility to live races are important determinants of viewership. Our results have practical implications and can guide the sport's administrators and television broadcasters seeking to understand a growing national market for F1 broadcasting.
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    A multilevel approach to firm interrelationships across European regions
    (Taylor & Francis Group, 2023-06-27) O’Leary, Daragh; Doran, Justin; Power, Bernadette; Irish Research Council
    Policymakers attempt to foster entrepreneurship within European regions yet firm interrelationships across European regions remain understudied. This paper analyses the extent to which past firm births and deaths influence future firm births and deaths across European NUTS 2 regions through the lens of competition, multiplier and Marshall effects. Using a novel multilevel mixed effects regression model, we find evidence for an immediate multiplier effect changing to a competition effect as time passes across European regions and countries. We also identify that significant variations in firm birth and death rates exist across European regions validating the importance of more decentralized regional entrepreneurial policies which has implications for policies like the European Regional Development Fund’s (ERDF) Cohesion Plan and the Smart Specialization Strategy.
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    Ghost games and ex-post viewing preferences for the English Premier League: Evidence from YouTube highlights
    (Elsevier B.V., 2023-05-01) Butler, David; Butler, Robert
    We ask if the move to play elite football (soccer) matches without spectators during the COVID-19 pandemic impacted online viewership. Using a new dataset from YouTube, we depart from the traditional ex ante approach to modelling football demand and investigate streaming preferences for known results in football. Our data is collected in real-time and considers English Premier League matches from 2019 to 2021 played both in front of crowds and behind closed doors. The results indicate increased viewership for matches played without crowds. The findings also allow a deeper understanding of direct demand for football as we identify motivators, including different pre-game and in-game characteristics as well as scheduling effects, that make fans curious to view content after the fact. The research adds to our understanding of the effects of the pandemic on fan viewer behaviour and speaks to broadcasting firms developing digital extension strategies.