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    A review of DFOS sensors installation methods for curved surfaces in tunnels
    (CRC Press / Balkema, 2024-08-26) Zhang, Shaoqiu; Zhang, K.; Li, Zili; Science Foundation Ireland
    This paper reviews previous published articles on structural health monitoring (SHM) of tunnels using distributed fibre optic sensing (DFOS). The installation of DFOS sensors onto curved surfaces in tunnels, such as the transverse cross section of a tunnel, is a major challenge for the effectiveness of SHM of tunnels. The state-of-the-art DFOS sensors installation methods currently used for monitoring surface strains in tunnels are summarized, with emphasis on evaluating the applicability scenario of each method and their advantages and disadvantages. RÉSUMÉ: Ce document est un recueil d'articles publiés précédemment sur le contrôle de la santé structurelle (SHM) des tunnels au moyen de la détection distribuée par fibre optique (DFOS). L'installation de capteurs DFOS sur des surfaces courbes dans les tunnels, telles que la section transversale d'un tunnel, est un défi majeur pour l'efficacité du SHM des tunnels. Les méthodes d'installation des capteurs DFOS actuellement utilisées pour contrôler les contraintes de surface dans les tunnels sont résumées, en mettant l'accent sur l'évaluation du scénario d'applicabilité de chaque méthode et sur leurs avantages et inconvénients.
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    Modelling of TR-XTREME™ ductile iron pipe under direct tension force
    (2022-10-27) Zhang, Qinglai; Chiu, Shih-Hung; Han, Tianyu; Soga, Kenichi; Li, Zili
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    Mechanical behaviour of Power Seal Saddle for service line
    (2023-08-29) Zhang, Qinglai; Han, Tianyu; Chiu, Shih-Hung; Takhirov, Shakhzod; Soga, Kenichi; Li, Zili
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    Modelling of defective pipe behaviour and surrounding soil response
    (2022-06-22) Zhang, Qinglai; Xiao, Zhipeng; Li, Zili; China Scholarship Council
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    Time-dependent performance of Dublin Port Tunnel
    (Civil Engineering Research Association of Ireland, 2020-08) Wang, Chao; Friedman, Miles; Li, Zili; Science Foundation Ireland; Transport Infrastructure Ireland
    It is widely observed that existing tunnels deform and deteriorate over time due to various factors. Among them, tunnel lining permeability plays a significant role. In practice, the development of lining cracks and adjustment of drainage system may gradually alter the permeability of tunnel lining and water drainage path around a tunnel with time. Nevertheless, past investigations usually assume unchanged lining permeability during the whole life of a tunnel but fail to take time-dependent aging process into consideration. In this study, a set of hydro-mechanical coupled analyses is conducted to evaluate the effect of time-dependent crack development on the behaviour of a cross passage twin-tunnel section in Dublin Port Tunnel. The numerical results compare the transverse and longitudinal settlement profiles above the twin-tunnel with and without cross passage. The deformational characteristics of tunnel lining subject to the influence of the time-dependent permeability change are also analysed, which brings more insights into the understanding of aging tunnel structures.