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    What social solutions can be implemented to integrate University College Cork students into community life within Magazine Road and surrounding areas?
    (Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork, 2022-04-25) Mortell, Iesa; Forrest, Eilish; Civil Society Organization
    The aim of this research piece explored the positive partnerships and existing initiatives that can enable pro social interaction between Residents of Magazine Road and Surrounding Areas, first year students that attend University College Cork, and University College Cork. The objective of this work analysed literature and policy within a local, national and international context. An online survey was administered to first year students which resulted in fifteen to twenty six student responses. The survey examined students attitudes while living and studying in University College Cork. Whilst the number of respondents is relatively low, it showed that existing initiatives within UCC are robust however they are not well known to the student population. It was found that while student experiences are overall positive with UCC they were not translating out to the community of Magazine road and surrounding areas. Based on this study, it is recommended that further research into this topic would benefit the students and community. The expansion of the Neighbourhood Support Officer role to integrate UCC and the student population into the surrounding communities.
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    It takes a village to raise a child: an exploration of the experience of parenting in the Fairhill community
    (Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork, 2022-04-20) O'Leary, Kasia; Forrest, Eilish; Sheehy, Mary; The Fairhill/Fairfield Community Association; Civil Society Organization
    This Community Academic Research Links Project (CARL) was undertaken to understand the parenting experience in the Fairhill community, a community termed as disadvantaged located on the North side of Cork city. The Fairhill Community Association asked the researcher to map the voices of the cohort parents in the Fairhill Community and what would support them in their parental role with community participation being a key underpinning in this research. Seven participants (parents and grandparents) took part in semi‐structured telephone interviews with the researcher, which were then transcribed and thematically analysed. A place for parents to meet and form parental support groups as well a safe place for their children to congregate emerged from the research findings. The importance of acknowledging parental stress and supporting this in the community is another major theme of this research. A community and youth centre would support in these emerging themes.
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    An exploration of Wellsprings outreach service – how are the women given continued support after leaving the residential service?
    (Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork, 2022-04-25) Morrissey, Isabel; Doyle, Pearl; McDonnell, Valerie; Civil Society Organization
    Wellsprings is a residential care and aftercare service for women aged 16 to 23. Wellsprings offer an outreach service to all of the women who have come through the residential service, it also takes direct referrals. No previous research has been completed on Wellsprings work before. This research aims to document the intensive and diverse range of supports offered by the outreach service. This dissertation was completed in conjunction with Wellsprings as part of the UCC Community-Academic Research Links initiative (CARL). This research explores Wellsprings Outreach Service and how it supports the women through their transition out of the residential service and continues to provide a continuum of life long support after this. It looks at the relationships between the women in the service and Wellsprings staff. The research draws on aftercare in Ireland more generally, looking at the policies and challenges that care leavers face, as a way of shaping the research topic. Primary research was carried out through three individual interviews with women engaged in the outreach service, and a focus group was held with three long-term members of Wellsprings staff. The common themes highlighted in the findings that are discussed are; the transition out of the residential service, emotional support, practical support and the relationships between the women and staff. The research also looks at staff and service provision in Wellsprings and makes some final recommendations for Wellsprings going forward, and the aftercare service in Ireland more generally.
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    Great Sexpectations: an examination of female adolescents’ perspectives about pornography and sexual health education
    (Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork, 2022-04-25) O’Carroll, Aoife; O’Súilleabháin, Fiachra; Davoren, Martin; The Sexual Health Centre Cork; Civil Society Organization
    This research was a community-based participatory project involving University College Cork, Community Active Research Links Project (CARL) and The Sexual Health Centre Cork. The research looks at the impact of pornography from the perspective of adolescent females and how it affects young people. Furthermore, it examines the ways in which young people receive information about sex, especially education relating to pornography. Primary research was carried out by means of individual interviews. The epistemological positioning applied to this research is critical feminist theory with social constructivism to determine the lived experiences of women in society in relation to pornography. Participants for the research were recruited by the Sexual Health Centre with the criteria being female, aged between 17 and 19. Four participants took part in the interviews to ascertain theirs views on the impact of pornography was for young people, in particular females, and what their experiences of sex education is like. The participants were presented with a draft edition of an educational resource that included information about pornography- the risks, impacts and supports available and were asked to give feedback on it. The qualitative data collected was analysed using thematic analysis. The themes that emerged are: The Stigma of Female Sexuality, The Expectations, Consent and Education The study concluded that females’ adolescents are impacted by pornography and that there is a lack of education on the subject available to young people. The participants were very complimentary of the educational tool presented to them and recommended that this be rolled out for educational purposes. In the final chapter, concluding remarks and recommendations are provided for future endeavours.
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    Nonbinary people in Ireland: left out of gender affirming policy and healthcare service provision for the transgender community
    (Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork, 2022-04-14) Mulhall, Elliott; Frewen, Paul; Cork Gay Project; Spindler, Ailsa; Civil Society Organization
    In Ireland, there are a number of gender affirming services provided to support transgender people. These services such as the policy available to change one's name or gender, and healthcare such as accessing HRT or surgery are limited for transgender people, and close to non-existent for nonbinary people. The aim of this research is to examine the gender affirming policy and healthcare in Ireland and how it fails to be inclusive of the nonbinary community. This project took an interpretive approach to carry out qualitative research in two parts, semi-structured interviews conducted with service providers in the area, and anonymous testimonials from nonbinary individuals. They were asked about current gender affirming policy, current gender affirming healthcare, and what those services are lacking/ what needs to be improved. There were a number of themes highlighted by participants, the main themes being ‘Gender Labels’, ‘Healthcare Inaccessibility’, and ‘Education’. These themes were discussed both in the literature review and findings chapter. Ireland is lucky to have the gender affirming services it has, but improvements need to be made so that nonbinary people are included.