Uneasy fictions: Ten Thousand Steps performed by the Daghdha-Dance-Company in Limerick

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Gilson, Jools
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Laban Centre Movement Dance Ltd
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How far is ten thousand steps? I estimate walking across my living room that six steps equals about fourteen feet. According to such mathematics, ten thousand steps would be just under four and a half miles. Is this a foolish way to measure steps - as if they were only linear? What about the dancerly notion of 'steps' as a series of gestures, turns, falls and impulses? What kind of knot would ten thousand of such 'steps' comprise? I remember from navigation that one knot equals one nautical mile per hour, but I'm not sure that helps. Mathematical musings perhaps, but the Irish dance company Daghdha recently performed a site specific work called Ten Thousand Steps which played with the geographies of space and place, by walking, talking and dancing us around a city, and I want to ask again; how far is Ten Thousand Steps?
Daghdha Dance Company , Ten Thousand Steps , Performance , Geographies of space and place , Geography of space , Geography of place , Limerick
Gilson-Ellis, J (2001) 'Uneasy Fictions: Ten Thousand Steps performed by the Daghdha-Dance-Company in Limerick, Dance Theatre Journal, 17 (3). pp. 36-38.
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