Promoting healthier communities through adult education: Learning Connections in action

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Healy, Brenda
Walsh, Jennifer
O'Neill, Sinead
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University College Cork
National Forum for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
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This presentation will highlight an Adult Education initiative delivered in Cork City through collaboration between members of the Cork Learning Neighbourhoods Project. It will outline the outreach provision of the Certificate in the Mental Health in the Community and how this is delivered in non-traditional settings to achieve successful collaboration, support accessible participation in lifelong learning and build capacity in communities. The process of creating a learning space to achieve transformative learning will be outlined as well as how this programme serves to enable students to address mental health issues on a personal level, community level and beyond.
Adult education , Cork Learning Neighbourhoods Project , Lifelong learning , Transformative learning , Mental health
Healy, B., Walsh, J. and O’Neill, S. (2019) 'Promoting healthier communities through adult education: Learning Connections in action', Learning Connections 2019: Spaces, People, Practice, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland, 5-6 December, pp. 98-102. doi: 10.33178/LC.2019.20