Total site heat integration in carbon neutral industrial manufacturing – A systematic mapping study

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O'Keeffe, Suzanne
Clancy, Rose
O'Sullivan, Dominic
Bruton, Ken
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The Italian Association of Chemical Engineering
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Carbon neutral operations are becoming important owing to tightening of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions restrictions and increasing social corporate responsibility. Circular economy and total site integration are current hot topics, requiring resource-efficient industrial processes; this can be achieved with waste heat transfer and process integration. This study comprises a systematic mapping of research into waste heat transfer across total sites, with the goal of providing a structured overview of the research area to identify and quantify existing research. Fiive research questions are used to determine the publication landscape; the distribution of research categories, themes, modelling methodologies (Pinch, mathematical optimisation, hybrid); and the quantifiable benefits of waste heat transfer in terms of utility reduction, based on case studies. This work is expected to benefit researchers in understanding the research patterns and directions of total site heat integration, and in identifying the research gaps. Future work includes using the identified popular graphical modelling method of Pinch analysis for process integration of a medical device manufacturing site.
Carbon neutral industrial manufacturing
O’Keeffe, S., Clancy, R., O’Sullivan, D. and Bruton, K. (2021) 'Total site heat integration in carbon neutral industrial manufacturing – A systematic mapping study', Chemical Engineering Transactions, 88, pp.133-138. doi: 10.3303/CET2188022
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