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  • Ross, Don; Stirling, Wynn (Routledge, 2020-09-24)
    We consider the potential contribution of economics to an interdisciplinary research partnership between sociology and neuroscience (‘social neuroscience’ or ’social neuroeconomics’). We correct a misunderstanding in ...
  • Bufacchi, Vittorio (Raidió Teilifís Éireann, 2021-02-15)
  • Bufacchi, Vittorio (Raidió Teilifís Éireann, 2021-01-14)
  • MIntz-Woo, Kian; Dennig, Francis; Liu, Hongxun; Schinko, Thomas (Taylor & Francis, 2020-11-15)
    A question arising from the COVID-19 crisis is whether the merits of cases for climate policies have been affected. This article focuses on carbon pricing, in the form of either carbon taxes or emissions trading. It discusses ...
  • Botelho, Anabela; Harrison, Glenn W.; Pinto, Lígia M. Costa; Ross, Don; Rutstrom, Elisabet E. (Springer, 2021-01-03)
    Does the desirability of social institutions for public goods provision depend on the extent to which they include mechanisms for endogenous enforcement of cooperative behavior? We consider alternative institutions that ...
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