The short stories of Rita Kelly

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Kelly, Rita
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University College Cork
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This thesis was submitted as part of a PhD by Prior Publication. It was based on a close analysis of representative short stories from my collection: The Whispering Arch & Other Stories published by Arlen House, Dublin, 1986. I looked at two very different stories from the collection. The main differences were matters of style and the use of language. One story, “Soundtracks”, is an excellent example of my poetic, laconic, compressed style. The other story, “The Intruders”, is shaped within an accessible and straightforward narrative style. This story also satirizes the Irish Revival movement as it was experienced in a convent secondary school, in Ireland, in the mid-1960s. The thesis also looked at the place and importance of the publication of that collection within the early formation of my practice as a writer and poet. It particularly looked at my nascent interest in the Irish language as a mode of expression in my developing creative engagement. There is a discussion of the interrelationship between narrative structures and cultural forces at work within these short stories.
Creative writing , Short stories
Kelly, R. 2022. The short stories of Rita Kelly. PhD Thesis, University College Cork.