The information needs of prospective postgraduate students: a data placemats approach

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Patton, Aaron
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University College Cork
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This is an exploratory study into the information needs of final year students when considering a postgraduate offering. There is little academic evidence on such information needs in the Higher Education Institution (HEI) context, yet the challenges that HEIs face to design effective data-driven recruitment and marketing strategies, and the variability in information currently provided to prospective postgraduate students presents a real opportunity for further investigation. For the purposes of this research, we are focusing on final year business school students only (Cork University Business School) and their interest in postgraduate programmes within the business school and beyond. This allows the research to focus on the information needs for recruitment but also retention. Hearing the final year student voice in this research but also comparing it to the HEI recruitment personnel voice will highlight the alignment of the respective positions on information needs. It is expected that this research will lend itself to the prescription of design guidelines for information needs. These design guidelines would be of practical value to HEIs.
Postgraduate recruitment , Student recruitment , Data driven , Data placemats , Postgraduate , Information needs
Patton, A. 2023. The information needs of prospective postgraduate students: a data placemats approach. MRes Thesis, University College Cork.
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