A 2-legged XY parallel flexure motion stage with minimised parasitic rotation

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Hao, Guangbo
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XY compliant parallel manipulators (aka XY parallel flexure motion stages) have been used as diverse applications such as atomic force microscope scanners due to their proved advantages such as eliminated backlash, reduced friction, reduced number of parts and monolithic configuration. This paper presents an innovative stiffness centre based approach to design a decoupled 2-legged XY compliant parallel manipulator in order to better minimise the inherent parasitic rotation and have a more compact configuration. This innovative design approach makes all of the stiffness centres, associated with the passive prismatic (P) modules, overlap at a point that all of the applied input forces can go through. A monolithic compact and decoupled XY compliant parallel manipulator with minimised parasitic rotation is then proposed using the proposed design approach based on a 2-PP kinematically decoupled translational parallel manipulator. Its load–displacement and motion range equations are derived, and geometrical parameters are determined for a specified motion range. Finite element analysis comparisons are also implemented to verify the analytical models with analysis of the performance characteristics including primary stiffness, cross-axis coupling, parasitic rotation, input and output motion difference and actuator nonisolation effect. Compared with the existing XY compliant parallel manipulators obtained using 4-legged mirror-symmetric constraint arrangement, the proposed XY compliant parallel manipulators based on stiffness centre approach mainly benefits from fewer legs resulting in reduced size, simpler modelling as well as smaller lost motion. Compared with existing 2-legged designs with the conventional arrangement, the present design has smaller parasitic rotation, which has been proved from the finite element analysis results.
Compliant mechanisms , Compactness , Parasitic motion , Stiffness center , Decoupling , Nonlinear modelling
Guangbo Hao (2014) 'A 2-legged XY parallel flexure motion stage with minimised parasitic rotation'. Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Part C: Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science, .
© 2014, Guangbo Hao.