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  • Day, Shawn (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2022-11-03)
    Visualization of data is undertaken for a variety of reasons, uses, and purposes in the humanities. Ultimately this forms part of a process of knowledge construction through exploration and discovery. The act of visualizing ...
  • Shresta, Amber; Dempsey, Maria; Tuohy-Hamil, Senan; King, Robert (Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2022-11-05)
    For further understanding of spree killers, we explored fan communities of the same on Tumblr. We aimed to fit their expressed paraphilic desires with earlier typologies of aggressive/passive hybristophiles (women who ...
  • MacDonald, Aidan (Scottish Place-Name Society, 2012)
  • Salice, Alessandro (Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2022)
    The paper offers a systematic reconstruction of the relations that, in Husserl’s work, bind together our shared social world (“the spiritual world”) with shared intentionality. It is claimed that, by sharing experiences, ...
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