Photoconductive properties of Bi2S3 nanowires

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Andzane, Jana
Kunakova, Gunta
Varghese, Justin M.
Holmes, Justin D.
Erts, Donats
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The photoconductive properties of Bi2S3 nanowires synthesized inside anodized alumina (AAO) membrane have been characterized as a function of illuminating photon energy between the wavelengths of 500 to 900 nm and at constant illumination intensity of 1–4 μW·cm−2. Photoconductivity spectra, photocurrent values, photocurrent onset/decay times of individual Bi2S3 nanowires liberated from the AAO membrane were determined and compared with those of arrays of as-produced Bi2S3 nanowires templated inside pores of AAO membrane. The alumina membrane was found to significantly influence the photoconductive properties of the AAO-hosted Bi2S3 nanowires, when compared to liberated from the AAO membrane individual Bi2S3 nanowires, possibly due to charge carrier trapping at the interface between the nanowire surface and the pore walls.
One-dimensional nanostructures , Thin films , Arrays , Photodetectors , Alumina , Membranes , Nanowires , Alumina membranes , Anodized alumina , Charge carrier trapping , Illumination intensity , Nanowire surface , Photoconductive properties , Photoconductivity spectrum , Photon energy , Photoconductivity , Electron traps , Nanofabrication , Bismuth compounds , Semiconductor growth , Semiconductor quantum wires , Semiconductor materials
ANDZANE, J., KUNAKOVA, G., VARGHESE, J., HOLMES, J. D. & ERTS, D. 2015. Photoconductive properties of Bi2S3 nanowires. Journal of Applied Physics, 117: 064305, 1-6.