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  • Woods, David (Duke University, 2015-12)
    This paper publishes two new examples of the use of the eagle countermark on folles struck before the reform of 539, and offers a new explanation for the use of this countermark: that it was used by Nicetas, the cousin of ...
  • Woods, David (Royal Numismatic Society., 2017-12)
    The so-called camp gate reverse type proved popular on late Roman coinage from the reign of Diocletian (284-305) until that of Valentinian III (425-55). It is argued here that the traditional description of the structure ...
  • Woods, David (Royal Numismatic Society, 2016-12)
    It is argued that the hammer first depicted on the last coin type of Regnald I (c.919-21) at York was a craftsman's tool symbolising urban prosperity, that the accompanying depiction of a bow and arrow symbolised rural ...
  • Woods, David (Royal Numismatic Society, 2016-12)
    Constantine I struck two unusual types of silver coin at Constantinople which have traditionally been dated to the dedication of that city in May 330 and have recently been identified as imitations of Hellenistic tetradrachms ...
  • Woods, David (Royal Numismatic Society, 2013-12)
    Aurelian’s reform of the coinage in the spring of 274 saw the introduction of several new marks upon it. The weight of the aureus was restored to what it had been under Caracalla, so that it was now struck at the rate of ...

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