Reliability based assessment of structures in marine environment

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Pakrashi, Vikram
O'Connor, Alan J.
Breysse, Denys
Schoefs, Franck
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The Atlantic Zone in Europe, like any coastal region, has many harbours, communication infrastructures and tourist buildings. These infrastructural elements are necessary for the economic life and sustainability of the region. The managers/owners of such structures in the region are therefore confronted with questions concerning the damage, maintenance, rehabilitation and the extent to which this maintenance or rehabilitation should be carried out. Since there are many parameters affecting the damage of a structure, it is of prime importance to know which of those parameters are guiding and what their relative importance are. Also, the effects of various critical limit states, possible conflicts between the engineer’s and the owners criteria of failure and the mutual interrelationships among possible health assessment, monitoring techniques and repair options need to be assimilated within a single probabilistic framework accounting for the various epistemic and aleatory uncertainties accompanied with such decision making process. A central factor in this decision making process is the choice of damage model of a material and its evolution in time. In this paper, a general probabilistic format is proposed for structural assessment and maintenance. A questionnaire based survey has been carried out to procure information compatible with the proposed framework with special emphasis on damage of materials in the marine environment. Parameter importance based studies on steel and concrete have been subsequently performed in order to illustrate the impacts of the interrelationships of some critical components in the proposed framework. The study provides the owners/managers with a method of establishing a choice protocol for receiver operating characteristics (ROC) of non-destructive assessment techniques of structures based on its specific needs. This methodology, in association with reliable information regarding the choice of rehabilitation of a structure at an optimised cost can be helpful for any kind of decision making process in relation to a structure.
Damage modelling , Parameter importance
Pakrashi, V., O'Connor A.J., Breysse, D., Schoefs, F., 2008. Reliability based assessment of structures in marine environment. In: MEDACHS 08 (Marine Environment Damage to Atlantic Coast Structures and Buildings: Methods of Assessment and Repair) 1st International Conference, Construction Heritage in Coastal and Marine Environments: Damage, Diagnostic, Maintenance and Repair. Lisbon, Portugal 28-30 Jan 2008.