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  • Christersson, Cecilia; Staaf, Patricia; Braekhus, Sissel; Stjernqvist, Rickard; Pusineri, Andrea Giulia; Giovani, Carlo; Sancassani, Susanna; Corti, Paola; Lebigot, Gerald; Biri, Venceslas; Mainelli, Xenia Una; van den Berg, Frank; Queckenberg, Robert; Freitag, Kornelia; Lippold, Susanne; Giménez Font, Xavier; Collins, Therese; Frahill, Aaron; McCarthy, Marian; O'Mahony, Catherine; Pillard, Loïc; Emmanuel, Sylvestre; Antille, Marine; Hookey, Duncan; Cappy, Grace; Dunn, Ian; Turner, Andrew; Dakovic, Goran; Peterbauer, Helene; Zhang, Thérèse (European University Association, 2019-01)
  • Conway, Paul F.; Murphy, Rosaleen; Rutherford, Vanessa (School of Education, University College Cork (UCC), 2013-10)
    The aim of this research, the Re-imagining Initial Teacher Identity and Learning Study (RIITILS) was to continue writing from and to extend the Learning to Teach Study 1 (LETS1). LETS1, funded by the Department of Education ...
  • Conway, Paul F.; Murphy, Rosaleen; Delargey, Michael; Hall, Kathy; Kitching, Karl; Long, Fiachra; McKeon, Jacinta; Murphy, Brian; O'Brien, Stephen; O'Sullivan, Dan (School of Education, University College Cork, 2011-03)
    The aim of this research, the Learning to Teach Study (LETS), the first of its kind on the Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) in Ireland, funded by the Department of Education and Skills (DES), was to develop and ...
  • Conway, Paul F. (National Centre for Technology Education (NCTE), 2005)
    This evaluation report presents findings from the early implementation of the Laptops Initiative for students with dyslexia and other reading and writing difficulties during the period December 2000 to September 2003. The ...
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