Survey on demand side sensitivity to power quality in Ireland

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Rea, Judith A.
Herring, Jack
Sopoćko, Michał
Dempsey, Paul
Armstrong, Sara
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Power systems require a reliable supply and good power quality. The impact of power supply interruptions is well acknowledged and well quantified. However, a system may perform reliably without any interruptions but may have poor power quality. Although poor power quality has cost implications for all actors in the electrical power systems, only some users are aware of its impact. Power system operators are much attuned to the impact of low power quality on their equipment and have the appropriate monitoring systems in place. However, over recent years certain industries have come increasingly vulnerable to negative cost implications of poor power quality arising from changes in their load characteristics and load sensitivities, and therefore increasingly implement power quality monitoring and mitigation solutions. This paper reviews several historical studies which investigate the cost implications of poor power quality on industry. These surveys are largely focused on outages, whilst the impact of poor power quality such as harmonics, short interruptions, voltage dips and swells, and transients is less well studied and understood. This paper examines the difficulties in quantifying the costs of poor power quality, and uses the chi-squared method to determine the consequences for industry of power quality phenomenon using a case study of over 40 manufacturing and data centres in Ireland.
Customer survey , Industrial power systems , Power quality costs , Power system harmonics , Power system transients , Statistical analysis
Rea, J. A., Herring, J., Sopoćko, M., Dempsey, P. & Armstrong, S. (2016) ‘Survey on demand side sensitivity to power quality in Ireland’, International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, 83, pp. 495-504. doi 10.1016/j.ijepes.2016.04.003