Fluorescence properties of rhodamine 101 and Yb3+ in condensed phase systems

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Chullipalliyalil, Krishnakumar
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University College Cork
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The fluorescence properties of two high quantum yield substances, Rhodamine 101 and Yb3+, were studied in different molecular environments. The prompt emission properties of these compounds were spectroscopically characterized using custom-made high resolution fluorescence detection set-ups in the visible and near IR spectral region. The anti-Stokes emission from Rhodamine 101 in ethanol was studied as a function of temperature and concentration. The emission and absorption properties of Yb3+ were investigated in glassy and crystalline matrices. The photophysical properties of Yb3+ phosphate glass nanoparticles, prepared by liquid-phase pulsed laser ablation was compared with those of the bulk material. Emission properties of chemically synthesized nanocrystals of Yb3+ doped tungstate (Yb3+:KGd(WO4)2) were also compared to their bulk counterpart. Nano-glasses and crystals exhibited spectroscopic modifications in comparison to the corresponding bulk materials. These modifications were due to the alterations of the phonon coupling between Yb3+ and the host matrix.
Yb3+ doped glass and crystal , Anti stokes fluorescence , Laser dye , Laser glass , Fluorescence spectroscopy , Near infrared , Pulsed laser ablation , Rhodamine , Glass and crystal nanoparticles , Dye doped silica
Chullipalliyalil, K. 2017. Fluorescence properties of rhodamine 101 and Yb3+ in condensed phase systems. PhD Thesis, University College Cork.