Early biomarkers of brain injury and cerebral hypo- and hyperoxia in the SafeBoosC II trial

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Plomgaard, Anne M.
Alderliesten, Thomas
Austin, Topun
van Bel, Frank
Benders, Manon
Claris, Olivier
Dempsey, Eugene M.
Fumagalli, Monica
Gluud, Christian
Hagmann, Cornelia
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The randomized clinical trial, SafeBoosC II, examined the effect of monitoring of cerebral oxygenation by near-infrared spectroscopy combined with a guideline on treatment when cerebral oxygenation was out of the target range. Data on cerebral oxygenation was collected in both the intervention and the control group. The primary outcome was the reduction in the burden of cerebral hypo- and hyperoxia between the two groups. In this study we describe the associations between the burden of cerebral hypo- and hyperoxia, regardless of allocation to intervention or control group, and the biomarkers of brain injury from birth till term equivalent age that was collected as secondary and explorative outcomes in the SafeBoosC II trial.
Brain damage , Hyperoxia , Medical hypoxia , Biomarkers , Electroencephalography , Infants , Near-infrared spectroscopy , Hemorrhage
Plomgaard, A. M., Alderliesten, T., Austin, T., van Bel, F., Benders, M., Claris, O., Dempsey, E., Fumagalli, M., Gluud, C., Hagmann, C., Hyttel-Sorensen, S., Lemmers, P., van Oeveren, W., Pellicer, A., Petersen, T. H., Pichler, G., Winkel, P. and Greisen, G. (2017) 'Early biomarkers of brain injury and cerebral hypo- and hyperoxia in the SafeBoosC II trial', PLoS ONE, 12(3), e0173440 (15pp). doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0173440