Beef quality attributes: a systematic review of consumer perspectives.

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Henchion, Maeve M.
McCarthy, Mary
Resconia, Virginia C.
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Informed by quality theory, this systematic literature review seeks to determine the relative importance of beef quality attributes from a consumer perspective, considering search, experience and credence quality attributes. While little change is anticipated in consumer ranking of search and experience attributes in the future, movement is expected in terms of ranking within the credence category and also in terms of the ranking of credence attributes overall. This highlights an opportunity for quality assurance schemes (QAS) to become more consumer focused through including a wider range of credence attributes. To capitalise on this opportunity, the meat industry should actively anticipate new relevant credence attributes and researchers need to develop new or better methods to measure them. This review attempts to identify the most relevant quality attributes in beef that may be considered in future iterations of QAS, to increase consumer satisfaction and, potentially, to increase returns to industry.
Beef , Quality , Search attributes , Experience attributes , Credence attributes , Quality assurance , Consumer
Henchion, M. M., McCarthy, M. and Resconia, V. C. (2017) 'Beef quality attributes: a systematic review of consumer perspectives', Meat Science, 128, pp.1-7. doi:10.1016/j.meatsci.2017.01.006