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  • Olówósejéjé, Samuel; Leahy, Paul G.; Morrison, Alan P. (Elsevier, 2021-04-12)
    In recent years, emphasis has been placed on the design and implementation of sustainable energy system solutions to combat the adverse environmental impact of emissions from the power and transportation sectors. This study ...
  • McGuire, Jason; Rogan, Fionn; Daly, Hannah; Glynn, James; Balyk, Olexandr; Ó Gallachóir, Brian P. (MaREI Centre, University College Cork, 2020-10)
    Two articles of the Paris Agreement are particularly relevant to countries as they seek to mitigate their impact on global warming. Article 2 sets a target for long-term temperature stabilisation, seeking to hold the ...
  • Passaro, Marcello; Müller, F.; Dettmering, D.; Abulaitjiang, A.; Rautiainen, L.; Scarrott, Rory; Chalençon, E.; Sweeney, M. (European Space Agency, 2021-02-11)
    This handbook is designed to support both novice and more advanced users. It is a reference guide for users of the ESA Baltic SEAL suite of products. It provides fundamental information on the theory underpinning the ...
  • Scarrott, Rory; Passaro, Marcello; Chalençon, Emma; Dettmering, Denise; Oelsmann, Julius; Rautiainen, Laura; Tuomi. Laura; Särkkä, Jani; Abulaitijiang, Adili; Anderson, Ole; Høyer, J.; Madsen, Kristine; Ringgaard, Ida; Schwatke, Christian (Technische Universität München, 2021-01)
  • Revez, Alexandra; Mullally, Gerard; Emerson, Harriet; Dunphy, Niall; Watson, Clare; Lennon, Breffni; Glynn, James; Rogan, Fionn; Byrne, Edmond P.; Boyle, Evan; McGookin, Connor; Smith, Sonja; Fahy, Frances; O'Dwyer, Barry; Torney, Diarmuid; Brereton, Pat; Morrissey, John; Greene, Mary; Hugel, Stephan; Carroll, James; Doyle, Ruth; Farrell, Eugene; Carr, Liam; Schuitema, Geertje (Environmental Research Institute, 2019-05)
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