A mobile gateway for remote interaction with wireless sensor networks

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Angove, Philip
O'Grady, Michael J.
Hayes, Jer
O'Flynn, Brendan
O'Hare, Gregory M.P.
Diamond, Dermot
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Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) almost invariably support a centralised network management model. Though the data gathering function is conducted remotely, such data is usually routed via data sinks to central servers for processing, storage, visualisation and interpretation. However, the issue of supporting remote access to WSNs and individual sensor nodes whilst in their physical environment has not been viewed as a priority. It is envisaged that this situation will change as WSNs proliferate in a range of domains, and the potential for supporting innovative revenue-generating services manifest themselves. As a step towards realising such access, a mobile gateway has been designed and implemented. This gateway supports Zigbee as this is the predominant protocol supported by WSNs. Furthermore, it also supports Bluetooth, thereby facilitating interaction with conventional mobile devices. The gateway is programmable according to the needs of arbitrary services and applications.
Remote access , Mobile gateway
ANGOVE, P., O'GRADY, M., HAYES, J., O'FLYNN, B., O'HARE, G. M. P. & DIAMOND, D. 2011. A Mobile Gateway for Remote Interaction With Wireless Sensor Networks. Sensors Journal, IEEE, 11, 3309-3310. doi: 10.1109/JSEN.2011.2159199
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