Hospital acquired thrombosis (HAT) prevention in an acute hospital; a single centre cross-sectional study

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Khan, Muhammad Irfan
O'Leary, C.
O'Brien, Aisling
Lester, L.
Silvari, V.
Duggan, C.
O'Shea, S.
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Irish Medical Organisation
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Evidence based guidelines are effective in reducing incidence of venous thromboembolism (VTE) which is associated with morbidly, mortality and economic burden. This study aimed to identify the proportion of inpatients who had a VTE risk assessment (RA) performed and who received thromboprophylaxis (TP), in Cork University Hospital. There was no structured RA tool at the time; information was obtained from medical and drug charts to ascertain if a RA was performed. Patients were then RA by researchers and stratified as per NICE guidelines and the proportion who received TP was calculated. One thousand and nineteen inpatients were screened. Risk was documented in 24% of cases. TP was prescribed in 43.2% of inpatients. Following application of a RA tool >80% were at high risk of VTE with low risk of bleeding with TP prescription in 46.3% of inpatients. A national collaborative effort should be encouraged to develop a standardized approach for safe RA of inpatients and prescription of TP for prevention of HAT.
Cardiovascular system , Thrombosis , Hospital
Khan, M. I., O’Leary, C., O’Brien, A., Lester, L., Silvari, V., Duggan, C. and O’Shea, S. (2017) ‘Hospital Acquired Thrombosis (HAT) prevention in an acute hospital; a single centre cross-sectional study’, Irish Medical Journal, 110(4), 547 (9pp). doi:10147/621277
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