Porous GaN and high-k MgO-GaN MOS diode layers grown in a single step on silicon

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Bilousov, Oleksandr V.
Carvajal, Joan J.
Vilalta-Clemente, A.
Ruterana, P.
Diaz, Francesc
Aguilo, Magdalena
O'Dwyer, Colm
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American Chemical Society (ACS)
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Porous GaN polycrystalline layers with n-type conduction characteristics were catalytically grown from Mg films formed by decomposition of a Mg2N3 precursor typically employed for activating p-type conduction in GaN. After being exposed to oxygen, the Mg film oxidized to a polycrystalline high-κ oxide between the ohmic alloy interlayer contact and the porous GaN, while maintaining a clean interface. Electrical measurements on devices coupled to composition analysis and electron microscopy of the component layers confirm that a MOS-type porous GaN diode on silicon can be formed by chemical vapor deposition in a single growth regime.
Porous silicon , Chemical vapor deposition , Gallium nitride , Interfaces (materials) , MOS devices , Semiconducting silicon , Silicon , Composition analysis , Electrical measurement , Growth regime , N-type conduction , P-Type conduction , Polycrystalline , Polycrystalline layers , Single-step
Bilousov, O. V., Carvajal, J. J., Vilalta-Clemente, A., Ruterana, P., Díaz, F., Aguiló, M. and O’Dwyer, C. (2014) 'Porous GaN and High-κ MgO–GaN MOS Diode Layers Grown in a Single Step on Silicon', Chemistry of Materials, 26(2), pp. 1243-1249. doi: 10.1021/cm4037023
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