Integrable bias solution for avalanche photodiodes

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Deng, Shijie
Morrison, Alan P.
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Institution of Engineering and Technology, IET
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A bias circuit for avalanche photodiodes (APDs) based on a dual-rail charge pump configuration operating from a 5 V supply that is capable of supplying a bias voltage in excess of 50 V is presented. For shallow-junction planar APDs that operate between 25 and 45 V this circuit is capable of delivering more that 50 mW of power, allowing avalanche currents in the mA range. The circuit design requires only two external capacitors, while the rest of the circuit can be implemented as an application-specific integrated circuit which makes the circuit highly integrable. The bias voltage can be accurately controlled and easily adjusted by the end user using the shunt regulator incorporated for voltage control.
Avalanche photodiodes , Application specific integrated circuits , Voltage control , Integrable bias solution , Application-specific integrated circuit , Voltage 25 V to 45 V , Avalanche currents , Shunt regulator , Voltage 5 V , Dual-rail charge pump configuration , Voltage control , Voltage 50 V , Bias circuit , Mixed analogue-digital circuits , Power electronics , Supply and supervisory circuits , Photoelectric devices
Deng, S. and Morrison, A. P. (2011) 'Integrable bias solution for avalanche photodiodes', Electronics Letters, 47(4), pp. 240-241,
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