Low-power-consumption optical interconnect on silicon by transfer-printing for used in opto-isolators

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Liu, Lei
Loi, Ruggero
Roycroft, Brendan
O'Callaghan, James
Trindade, António José
Kelleher, Steven
Gocalińska, Agnieszka M.
Thomas, Kevin K.
Pelucchi, Emanuele
Bower, Christopher A.
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On-chip optical interconnects heterogeneously integrated on silicon wafers by transfer-print technology are presented for the first time. Thin (<5 µm), micron sized light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and photo diodes (PDs) are prefabricated and transfer-printed to silicon wafer with polymer waveguides built between them. Data transmission with total power consumption as low as 1 mW, signal to noise ratio of  >250 and current transfer ratio of 0.1% in a compact volume of  <0.0004 mm3 are demonstrated. Experiment shows that the polymer waveguide between the LED and PD plays a key role in enhancing the data transmission efficiency. Reciprocal performance for bidirectional transmission is also achieved. The results show the potential for cost-effective and low profile form-factor on-chip opto-isolators.
Optical interconnects , Photonic integrated circuits , Heterogeneous integration
Lei, L., Ruggero, L., Brendan, R., James, O. C., Antonio Jose, T., Steven, K., Agnieszka, G., Kevin, T., Emanuele, P., Christopher, A. B. and Brian, C. (2019) 'Low-power-consumption optical interconnect on silicon by transfer-printing for used in opto-isolators', Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 52(6), 064001 (9 pp). doi: 10.1088/1361-6463/aaf064