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  • Lim, Aaron; O'Reilly, Luke; Summers, Gerard; Harris, Kim; Shine, Andrew; Harman, Luke; Appah, John; Macedo, Larissa; Boyd, John; Anders, Bebhinn; Killeen, Orla; Conti, Luis; O'Brien, Martina (University College Cork, 2019-05)
    This survey focused on the maiden deployment of a number of novel, ROV-adapted lander systems in the Porcupine Bank Canyon (PBC) coral habitats, NE Atlantic. Cold water corals (CWCs) flourish on the Irish-Atlantic margin ...
  • Dawson, Ian K.; Attwood, Simon J.; Park, Sarah E.; Jamnadass, Ramni; Powell, Wayne; Sunderland, Terry; Kindt, Roeland; McMullin, Stepha; Hoebe, Peter N.; Baddeley, John; Staver, Charles; Vadez, Vincent; Carsan, Sammy; Roshetko, James M.; Amri, Ahmed; Karamura, Eldad; Karamura, Deborah; van Breugel, Paulo; Hossain, Md. Emdad; Phillips, Michael; Kumar, Ashok; Lillesø, Jens-Peter B.; Benzie, John A. H.; Sabastian, Gerhard E.; Ekesa, Beatrice; Ocimati, Walter; Graudal, Lars (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2019)
    Biodiversity supports sustainable food production, although recognition of its roles has been relatively neglected in the sustainable intensification literature. In the current study, the roles of biodiversity in sustainable ...
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