Bullying in schools: an evaluation of the use of drama in bullying prevention

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Goodwin, John
Bradley, Stephen K.
Donohoe, Peadar
Queen, Katie
O'Shea, Maev
Horgan, Aine M.
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Bullying can have a severe effect on the physical and mental health of young people. This qualitative descriptive research aimed to develop an understanding of young peoples? experiences of an educational, interactive theatre-based workshop (the Bullying Prevention Session) which focused on developing strategies to address school bullying. Focus group interviews were conducted with students from six schools. Students reported that the workshop improved their understanding of the complexities of bullying, including appreciating the situation from the perspectives of both bullies and bystanders. Students noted their dissatisfaction with the schools? efforts to implement bullying reduction strategies that they suggested at the workshop.
Adolescents , Bullying , Drama , Mental health , Theatre-in-education , Young people , Creativity , Creativity in counseling
Goodwin, J., Bradley, S. K., Donohoe, P., Queen, K., O'Shea, M. and Horgan, A. (2019) 'Bullying in schools: an evaluation of the use of drama in bullying prevention', Journal of Creativity in Mental Health, pp. 1-14. doi: 10.1080/15401383.2019.1623147
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