Validation of Sentinel-1 offshore winds and average wind power estimation around Ireland

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de Montera, Louis
Remmers, Tiny
Desmond, Cian J.
O'Connell, Ross
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Copernicus Publications
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In this paper, surface wind speed and average wind power derived from Sentinel-1 Synthetic Aperture Radar Level 2 OCN product were validated against four weather buoys and three coastal weather stations around Ireland. A total of 1544 match-up points was obtained over a two-year period running from May 2017 to May 2019. The match-up comparison showed that the satellite underestimated the wind speed compared to in situ devices, with an average bias of 0.4 m/s, which decreased linearly as a function of wind speed. Long-term statistics using all the available data, while assuming a Weibull law for the wind speed, were also produced and resulted in a significant reduction of the bias. Additionally, the average wind power was found to be consistent with in situ data, resulting in an error of 10 % and 5 % for weather buoys and coastal stations, respectively. These results showed that the Sentinel-1 Level 2 OCN product can be used to estimate the wind speed distribution, even in coastal areas. Maps of the average and seasonal wind speed and wind power illustrated that the error was spatially dependent, which should be taken into considerations when working with Sentinel-1 SAR data.
Validation of Sentinel-1 , Offshore winds , Average wind power , Ireland
de Montera, L., Remmers, T., Desmond, C. and O'Connell, R. (2019) 'Validation of Sentinel-1 offshore winds and average wind power estimation around Ireland', Wind Energy Science,(24pp.), [In review] .DOI: 10.5194/wes-2019-49