Research Theses Submission

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Research Theses Submission


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  • Rana, Arpit (2019-10-14)
    Recommender systems are discovery tools. Typically, they infer a user's preferences from her behaviour and make personalized suggestions. They are one response to the overwhelming choices that the Web affords its users. ...
  • Raca, Darijo (2019-09-10)
    Multimedia traffic dominates today’s Internet. In particular, the most prevalent traffic carried over wired and wireless networks is video. Most popular streaming providers (e.g. Netflix, Youtube) utilise HTTP adaptive ...
  • Pasik, Adam (2019-01-01)
    Globally, extreme weather events are responsible for far more financial losses than the increase in mean temperature. In the context of climate change, attribution of the ever-increasing losses from these high-impact events ...

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