Challenges of separation for refugee filmmaking. Introduction

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Hemelryk Donald, Stephanie
Sorbera, Lucia
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Film and Screen Media, University College Cork
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This dossier on Challenges of Separation for Refugee Filmmaking includes a number of short pieces and visual material from those who have either made films themselves (Su Goldfish; Rana Kazkaz) or who have used film as scholars and activists working in collaboration with people of lived experience (Isobel Blomstein and Caroline Lenette; Mandy Hughes). These writers discuss the questions of ethical and personal narratives and the ways in which certain story arcs present themselves as indicative of a time, a place or a kind of experience. They consider ideas of visibility and invisibility, and of short-term memory and long-term impact. The “separation” in the title for this dossier refers to separation by reason of war, by time and generation, or by experience.
Internment , Women filmmakers , Syria , Ethics , Engagement
Hemelryk Donald, S. and Sorbera, L. (2019) 'Challenges of separation for refugee filmmaking. Introduction', Alphaville: Journal of Film and Screen Media, 18, pp. 123-127. doi: 10.33178/alpha.18.09