Proteolysis in Irish farmhouse Camembert cheese during ripening

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Mane, Anuya
McSweeney, Paul L. H.
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Proteolysis in an Irish farmhouse Camembert cheese was studied during 10 weeks of ripening. Urea‐polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of pH 4.6‐insoluble fractions of cheese showed the degradation of caseins, initially due to the action of chymosin and plasmin and later due to Penicillium camemberti proteinases. Proteolytic specificities of Penicillium camemberti proteinases on the caseins in milk hydrolysates were determined and 64, 6, 28, and 2 cleavage sites were identified in αs1‐, αs2‐, β‐, and κ‐casein, respectively. Proteolysis in cheese was studied and peptides produced were determined and compared to the cleavage specificities of Penicillium camemberti proteinases. Regions most susceptible to proteolysis were 1–40, 79–114, and 168–199 in αs1‐casein; 42–79 and 97–116 in αs2‐casein; 40–57, 101–125, 143–189, and 165–209 in β‐casein; and 31–81 and 124–137 in κ‐casein. The present study describes in detail the proteolytic action of proteinases from Penicillium camemberti in Camembert cheese during ripening. Practical applications: Camembert cheese is a major international cheese variety, made in many countries around the world. The ripening of the cheese involves many biochemical changes and this study provides new information on peptides produced during ripening. Penicillium camemberti is an important mold used in the production of this type of cheese and detailed information is provided on the action of its enzymes on the caseins. Data reported in this study furthers the understanding of the ripening of Camembert cheese.
Camembert cheese , Cheese ripening , Peptides , Proteolysis
Mane, A. and McSweeney, P. L. H. (2020) 'Proteolysis in Irish farmhouse Camembert cheese during ripening', Journal of Food Biochemistry, 44(1), e13101 (14 pp). doi: 10.1111/jfbc.13101
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