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  • Russell, Laura; Gleeson, Daniel A.; Minogin, Vladimir G.; Nic Chormaic, Síle (Institute of Physics, 2009-09)
    We analyse the lineshape of the fluorescence emitted by a cloud of optically excited cold atoms and coupled into an optical nanofibre. We examine the efficiency of the fluorescence coupling and describe the asymmetry of ...
  • Bandi, Thejesh N.; Minogin, Vladimir G.; Nic Chormaic, Síle (American Physical Society, 2008-07)
    We propose and present a quantitative analysis of neutral atom microtraps based on optical near fields produced by the diffraction of a laser wave on small apertures in a thin screen. We show that near-field atom microtraps ...
  • Ward, Jonathan M.; Wu, Yuqiang; Minogin, Vladimir G.; Nic Chormaic, Síle (American Physical Society, 2009-05-19)
    We propose a method to spatially confine or corral the movements of a micropendulum via the optical forces produced by two simultaneously excited optical modes of a photonic molecule comprising two microspherical cavities. ...
  • Minogin, Vladimir G.; Nic Chormaic, Síle (MAIK Nauka/Interperiodica, 2010-01)
    We study the spontaneous emission of atoms near an optical nanofiber and analyze the coupling efficiency of the spontaneous emission into a nanofiber. We also investigate the influence of the van der Waals interaction of ...
  • Ward, Jonathan M.; Féron, Patrice; Nic Chormaic, Síle (IEEE, 2008-03)
    We report on the realization of an integrated lasing device consisting of a microsphere optical resonator fused to a tapered optical fiber. A microsphere fabricated from Er: Yb-codoped phosphate glass is heated above its ...

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