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  • Jennings, Emma; Murphy, Kevin; Gallagher, Paul; O'Mahony, Denis (Springer, 2018-10)
    Introduction: Studies indicate 1 in 4 older people experience hospital-related adverse drug reactions [ADRs]. This systematic-review aims to evaluate in-hospital ADRs in hospitalised older-adults in terms of incidence, ...
  • Jennings, Emma; Murphy, Kevin D.; Gallagher, Paul; O'Mahony, Denis (Oxford University Press, 2018-09-17)
    Background: Recent studies indicate that 1 in 4 older people experience an ADR in hospital. This systematic review [SR] aims to evaluate in-hospital ADRs in hospitalised older-adults in terms of incidence and prevalence, ...
  • Raae Hansen, Christina; O'Mahony, Denis; Kearney, Patricia M.; Sahm, Laura J.; Cullinan, Shane; Huibers, C. J. A.; Thevelin, Stefanie; Rutjes, Anne W. S.; Knol, Wilma; Streit, Sven; Byrne, Stephen (John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2018-08-20)
    Aims: Deprescribing interventions safely and effectively optimize medication use in older people. However, questions remain about which components of interventions are key to effectively reduce inappropriate medication ...
  • Zagaglia, Luca; Floris, Francesco; Carroll, Lee; O'Brien, Peter (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2018-11-27)
    We compare the simulated optical insertion-losses and fabrication-tolerances of a micro-optical bench (MOB) for laser hybrid-integration on the 220nm Silicon-on-Insulator (SOI) photonic-platform to standard fiber-to-grating ...
  • Rahill, Stephanie; Kennedy, Aileen; Walton, Janette; McNulty, Breige A.; Kearney, John (Cambridge University Press (CUP), 2018-11-08)
    Objective: To establish the factors that determine food fussiness, to explore if child age determines the extent to which these factors influence food fussiness and to identify whether parental neophobia is an independent ...

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