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  • Murphy, Gillian; Greene, Ciara M. (Frontiers Media, 2016-08-30)
    Load Theory (Lavie, 1995, 2005) states that the level of perceptual load in a task (i.e.,the amount of information involved in processing task-relevant stimuli) determines the efficiency of selective attention. There is ...
  • Fitzgerald, Sarah; Kirby, Ann; Murphy, Aileen; Geaney, Fiona (Cambridge University Press, 2016-05-27)
    The relationship between workplace absenteeism and adverse lifestyle factors (smoking, physical inactivity and poor dietary patterns) remains ambiguous. Reliance on self-reported absenteeism and obesity measures may ...
  • Desmond, Elaine (Gandhi Peace Foundation, 2013-04)
    This paper explores the idea of transformative harmony as a concern of the political. It proposes that the cultivation of harmony as a project of the Self is closely related to the political project of democracy as a ...
  • Mathieson, Sean R.; Livingstone, Vicki; Low, Evonne; Pressler, Ronit; Rennie, Janet M.; Boylan, Geraldine B. (Elsevier, 2016-07-25)
    Objective: Phenobarbital increases electroclinical uncoupling and our preliminary observations suggest it may also affect electrographic seizure morphology. This may alter the performance of a novel seizure detection ...
  • Kourtchev, Ivan; Godoi, Ricardo H. M.; Connors, Sarah; Levine, James G.; Archibald, Alex T.; Godoi, Ana F. L.; Paralovo, Sarah L.; Barbosa, Cybelli G. G.; Souza, Rodrigo A. F.; Manzi, Antonio O.; Seco, Roger; Sjostedt, Steve; Park, Jeong-Hoo; Guenther, Alex; Kim, Saewung; Smith, James; Martin, Scot T.; Kalberer, Markus (European Geosciences Union, 2016-09-23)
    The Amazon Basin plays key role in atmospheric chemistry, biodiversity and climate change. In this study we applied nanoelectrospray (nanoESI) ultra-high-resolution mass spectrometry (UHRMS) for the analysis of the organic ...

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