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  • Mavrokefalos, Christos K.; Hasan, Maksudul; Khunsin, Worawut; Schmidt, Michael; Maier, Stefan A.; Rohan, James F.; Compton, Richard G.; Foord, John S. (Elsevier, 2017-05-08)
    The modification of hydrogen terminated boron-doped diamond (HBDD) electrode with pure palladium (Pd) and Pd-Sn (tin) nanoparticles is described in this study. For synthesis of Sn/HBDD and Pd-Sn/HBDD electrode, a potentiostatic ...
  • Stapleton, Patricia (University College Cork, 2017)
    This thesis critically analyses state responses to human trafficking in Ireland and is positioned conceptually and theoretically within the branch of critical antitrafficking studies (Lindquist, 2013: 322). This approach ...
  • Byrne, Edmond P.; Mullally, Gerard (EESD, 2016-09)
    Recent directions in engineering for sustainable development (EESD) (and in ESD more generally) have pointed towards an increasing realisation that in order to adequately begin to address respective meta-problems associated ...
  • Meshgi, Mohammad A.; Biswas, Subhajit; McNulty, David; O'Dwyer, Colm; Verni, Giuseppe A.; O'Connell, John; Davitt, Fionán; Letofsky-Papst, Ilse; Poelt, Peter; Holmes, Justin D.; Marschner, Christoph (American Chemical Society, 2017-05-08)
    New oligosilylgermane compounds with weak Ge–H bonds have been used as precursors for the rapid synthesis of germanium (Ge) nanowires in high yields (>80%), via a solution–liquid–solid (SLS) mechanism, using indium (In) ...
  • Pescaglini, Andrea; Biswas, Subhajit; Cammi, Davide; Ronning, Carsten; Holmes, Justin D.; Iacopino, Daniela (Royal Society of Chemistry, 2017-05-02)
    Nanoscale heating production using nanowires has been shown to be particularly attractive for a number of applications including nanostructure growth, localized doping, transparent heating and sensing. However, all ...

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