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  • Alberca, Carlos; Pastrana, Sergio; Suarez-Tangil, Guillermo; Palmieri, Paolo (Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), 2016-05)
    The pervasive presence of interconnected objects enables new communication paradigms where devices can easily reach each other while interacting within their environment. The so-called Internet of Things (IoT) represents ...
  • Gough, Ronan; O'Connor, Paula M.; Rea, Mary C.; Gómez-Sala, Beatriz; Miao, Song; Hill, Colin; Brodkorb, André (Elsevier Ltd., 2017-08-14)
    Nisin, an antimicrobial peptide showing activity against many Gram positive bacteria, is widely used as a food preservative. The simulated gastrointestinal digestion of nisin (variant A) was studied using the in vitro ...
  • Palmieri, Paolo; Pereira, Olivier (Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2011-12)
    If we assume that adversaries have unlimited computational capabilities, secure computation between mutually distrusting players can not be achieved using an error-free communication medium. However, secure multi-party ...
  • Livshits, Alexander I.; Jasulaneca, Liga; Kosmaca, Jelena; Meija, Raimonds; Holmes, Justin D.; Erts, Donats (Elsevier Masson SAS, 2017-08-18)
    We report a strong tangential component of the reaction force at electrode to nanowire adhesive contact which was previously established using electrostatic attraction. The reaction force tangential component absolute value ...
  • Calderoni, Luca; Maio, Dario; Palmieri, Paolo (Universidad de Talca – Chile, 2012-12)
    A smart city is a high-performance urban context, where citizens are more aware of, and more integrated into the city life, thanks to an intelligent city information system. In this paper we design, implement and deploy a ...

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