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  • O'Donovan, Patrick (Cambridge University Press, 2021-02-25)
    The chapter describes the emergence of the personal novel in the first decade of the nineteenth century and its subsequent evolution thirty years later in parallel with the rise of the historical novel in France. These ...
  • Dragoman, Mircea; Aldrigo, Martino; Dragoman, Daniela; Iordanescu, Sergiu; Dinescu, Adrian; Modreanu, Mircea (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2021-01-14)
    This article is dedicated to HfO2-based ferroelectrics applications in nanoelectronics, especially to topics not well developed up to now, such as microwaves, energy harvesting, and neuromorphic devices working as artificial ...
  • Pan, H.; Peto, R.; Henao-Restrepo, A. M.; Preziosi, M. P.; Sathiyamoorthy, V.; Abdool Karim, Q.; Alejandria, M. M.; Hernández Garcí­a, C.; Kieny, M.P.; Malekzadeh, R.; Murthy, S.; Reddy, K. S.; Roses Periago, M.; Abi Hanna, P.; Ader, F.; Al-Bader, A. M.; Alhasawi, A.; Allum, E.; Alotaibi, A.; Alvarez-Moreno, C. A.; Appadoo, S.; Asiri, A.; Aukrust, P.; Barratt-Due, A.; Bellani, S.; Branca, M.; Cappel-Porter, H. B. C; Cerrato, N.; Chow, T. S.; Como, N.; Eustace, Joseph A.; Garcí­a, P. J.; Godbole, S.; Gotuzzo, E.; Griskevicius, L.; Hamra, R.; Hassan, M.; Hassany, M.; Hutton, D.; Irmansyah, I.; Jancoriene, L.; Kirwan, J.; Kumar, S.; Lennon, P.; Lopardo, G.; Lydon, P.; Magrini, N.; Maguire, T.; Manevska, S.; Manuel, O.; McGinty, S.; Medina, M. T.; Mesa Rubio, M. L.; Miranda-Montoya, M. C.; Nel, J.; Nunes, E. P.; Perola, M.; Portolés, A.; Rasmin, M. R.; Raza, A.; Rees, H.; Reges, P. P. S.; Rogers, C. A.; Salami, K.; Salvadori, M. I.; Sinani, N.; Sterne, J. A. C.; Stevanovikj, M.; Tacconelli, E.; Tikkinen, K. A. O.; Trelle, S.; Zaid, H.; Røttingen, J. A.; Swaminathan, S. (Massachusetts Medical Society, 2020-12-02)
    Background: World Health Organization expert groups recommended mortality trials of four repurposed antiviral drugs â remdesivir, hydroxychloroquine, lopinavir, and interferon beta-1a â in patients hospitalized with ...
  • Chang, Yu-Hao; Hao, Guangbo; Liu, Chien-Sheng (Elsevier B.V., 2021-02-22)
    This paper proposes a 4-degree-of-freedom (DOF) actuator for a fast steer mirror (FSM) compensation system in order to compensate for 4-DOF laser errors. The mathematic system modeling was built to design and predict the ...
  • Peres, Caroline; Pigeon, Melusine; Rather, Nadeem; Gawade, Dinesh; Buckley, John; Jafarzadeh, Hamed; O'Flynn, Brendan (ThinkMind (TM); IARIA, 2020-12-30)
    Underwater wireless communications present challenges due to the characteristics of water as a propagation channel medium. Regardless, wireless communications are needed for a range of systems that operate underwater. ...

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