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  • Lawlor, Jim; Kavanagh, Donncha (2012-06)
    We are interested in the emergence of new markets. While the literature contains various perspectives on how such new markets come to be, the dynamics of the marketization process are less clear. This paper focuses on ...
  • Scally, Kevin; Kavanagh, Donncha (University of Manchester, 2013-07)
    This paper examines the remarkable and unexplored correspondence between games (and board games in particular) and what is commonly understood as theory in the social sciences. It argues that games exhibit many if not most ...
  • Kuhling, Carmen; Keohane, Kieran; Kavanagh, Donncha (University of Leicester, 2003-11)
    This paper considers the desire for unity, reconciliation and consensus underpinning three models of talking – namely, 'the meeting', 'the dyadic love relationship', and 'the psychoanalytic session'. We highlight the three ...
  • Paris, Dorone (University College Cork, 2016)
    This thesis discusses socio-political issues worldwide through philosophical approaches to performance, politics and composition. My research also discuss sound decisions which I regard to be simultaneously an outlet for ...
  • Kavanagh, Donncha (Taylor & Francis, 2014-04-22)

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