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  • Maloney, Eimer M.; Corcoran, Paul; Costello, Daniel J.; O'Reilly, Éilis J. (John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2022-05-25)
    Objective: Epidemiologic studies have investigated whether social deprivation is associated with a higher incidence of epilepsy, and results are conflicting, especially in children. The mechanisms underlying a potential ...
  • Lima, Ana Paula; Martínez Hernández, Héctor; Giannoumis, Jessica; O'Suilleabhain, Darragh; O'Reilly, Anthony; Heward, Myles; Presse, Pauline; Santana, Moisés; Galván Falcón, Jorge; Silva, Eduardo (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2022-05-19)
    Blue Growth, a term first coined by the European Commission as "an initiative to harness the untapped potential of Europe's oceans, seas and coasts", identified rich marine resources as an unique asset for economic development ...
  • Weeks, Liam (Oxford University Press, 2021-08-01)
    The presence of independents in the Irish political system is unusual from a comparative perspective. Sometimes seen as an idiosyncratic phenomenon, they are analysed in terms of their relation to the party system, and ...
  • O'Brien, Margueriete; Windle, James (Springer, 2022-06-18)
    This paper explores farmer’s experiences of crime and their attitudes towards crime prevention in one rural hinterland. Farmer’s attitudes about safety and crime present a dichotomy: fear of victimisation was relatively ...
  • Regacho, Tania; delBarco-Trillo, Javier (Springer Nature Switzerland AG, 2022-06-08)
    The expansion of urban environments and how animals may be affected by them are being increasingly investigated, leading to a surge in urban ecology studies. Many urban ecology studies involve a direct comparison between ...

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