Is local office a springboard for women to Dáil Éireann?

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Buckley, Fiona
Mariani, Mack
McGing, Claire
White, Timothy
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Previous research has found the single transferable vote electoral system is relatively friendly to women candidates. Despite this, female representation in the Irish Parliament remains substantially lower than in most other democracies. Drawing on pipeline theory and localism, we assess the impact of local office-holding on the success of male and female major party candidates in the 2007 and 2011 Irish general elections. We find previous experience in local office is a key springboard to higher office for men and women, and when women serve in local government the likelihood of election increases significantly.
Ireland , Women and politics , PR-STV , Pipeline theory , Localism
Buckley, F., Mariani, M., McGing, C. and White, T. (2015) ' Is local office a springboard for women to Dáil Éireann?’, Journal of Women, Politics and Policy, 36(3), pp. 311-335. doi: 10.1080/1554477X.2015.1050912
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