Hidden grievers: supporting siblings through perinatal loss - a parent’s perspective

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Mulvihill, Lucy
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Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork
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This research aims to gain a better understanding of the experiences parents have when supporting their other children through a perinatal death in their family. It looks to establish awareness of the possible impact perinatal death has on other children within the family. It examines the difficulties that arise for parents and siblings at the time of perinatal death in the family. It explores the support provided by Féileacáin to families in relation to children within the family. The research conforms to social constructivism, an interpretivist approach and a community-based research process. This research was undertaken in collaboration with Féileacáin and completed as part of a CARL initiative in UCC. The research was completed through an online questionnaire which elicited responses from 20 participants. These responses were thematically analysed into four themes. The findings illustrate the importance of communication, sibling involvement, professional support structures and long-term support when supporting siblings through perinatal loss. A number of recommendations were suggested in the final chapter. It is hoped that this research and recommendations will assist in generating much needed data that will inform and identity future service requirements for siblings experiencing perinatal loss.
Perinatal loss , Féileacáin , Perinatal death , Siblings , Sibling involvement
Mulvihill, L. (2020) Hidden grievers: supporting siblings through perinatal loss - a parent’s perspective. Cork: Community-Academic Research Links, University College Cork.