Supported discharge for COVID-19

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Walsh, M.
O'Grady, M.
Sweeney, A. M.
Martin, L.
Kennedy, M.
Plant, Barry J.
Sadlier, C.
Henry, M.
Murphy, D. M.
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Aims: Assessment of a supported discharge service for a cohort of patients admitted to Cork University Hospital with COVID-19 that were identified as being appropriate for remote patient monitoring. Methods: Patients uploaded SpO2, subjective breathlessness scores, and temperature readings onto the PatientMpower application, and received a daily phone call from the physiotherapist. Readmission was triggered where appropriate. Patient satisfaction questionnaires were completed following service discharge. Results: Over 12 weeks, 15 patients had a supported discharge. Readmission was triggered for 3 patients (20%). Compared to non-readmitted patient, readmitted patients had more abnormal SpO2 readings (9 (5.5-22.5) vs 1 (0-1), p= 0.022) and all 6 temperature spikes that occurred, but lower subjective breathlessness scores (3 (1-6) vs 4.25 (2-8), p = 0.003). Differences in mean abnormal SpO2% readings were not statistically significant. Conclusion: A supported discharge service including remote monitoring and regular contact with healthcare professionals can facilitate safe, and timely discharges of select patient groups.
Supported discharge service , Remote monitoring
Walsh, M., O'Grady, M., Sweeney, A. M., Martin, L., Kennedy, M., Plant, B. J., Sadlier, C., Henry, M. and Murphy, D. M. (2021) 'Supported discharge for COVID-19', Irish Medical Journal, 114 (4), P336 (5pp). Available at: (Accessed: 23 July 2021)
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