Strategic implementation of education for sustainable development within the industrial engineer curriculum

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Llaverias, Nuria
Reyes, Guillermo
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University College Cork
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The main objective of this presentation is to validate a methodology to address education for sustainable development within the industrial engineer curriculum that will define the content, skills and learning methods in a process of continuous improvement and compatible with the national curriculum regulations for the Bachelor and Master of the IQS School of Engineering. In order to validate the teaching methods and their implementation the stakeholders, industry, public authorities and academia has been asked. A previous research has set the survey content. The results had determined the main skills to develop their work, to what extent have these skills the new graduates, and the areas we should consider now to move towards a sustainable development. The questions to the experts were set in three groups. In the first group of questions they asked to assign the order of relevance to the categories: Environmental aspects, Resources scarcity, Social Impact, Cultural & Values aspects, Future generations, Unbalances, Technology, Economical aspects, Educational aspects, Actors and stakeholders to advance towards sustainable development. In the second part of the survey the experts had decided the relevance of related competencies, to prepare graduated people to the demands of the professional market and the level the graduate achieve on these competencies. The third question group was related to the curriculum and how must be the sustainability criteria be included within the engineering curriculum (degree + master). There are defined three options: 1) embedded the sustainable concepts in the subjects, 2) show recent real cases, 3) develop projects. The panel of experts has been composed by public authorities of the administration and professional institutions, senior Engineers, IQS engineers and multidisciplinary experts. Finally, the survey’s conclusions have been applied in the curriculum in concordance with the Project P-15 Environmental Sustainability IQS of 2017-2020 Strategic Plan and the ABET Program accreditation.
Engineering education , Sustainability , Sustainable development , Competencies , ABET Program accreditation
Llaverias, N. and Reyes, G. (2021) ‘Strategic implementation of education for sustainable development within the industrial engineer curriculum’, EESD2021: Proceedings of the 10th Engineering Education for Sustainable Development Conference, 'Building Flourishing Communities', University College Cork, Ireland, 14-16 June.