Why and where to fund carbon capture and storage

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Mintz-Woo, Kian
Lane, Joe
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Springer Nature Switzerland AG
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This paper puts forward two claims about funding carbon capture and storage. The first claim is that there are moral justifications supporting strategic investment into CO2 storage from global and regional perspectives. One argument draws on the empirical evidence which suggests carbon capture and storage would play a significant role in a portfolio of global solutions to climate change; the other draws on Rawls’ notion of legitimate expectations and Moellendorf’s Anti-Poverty principle. The second claim is that where to pursue this strategic investment poses a morally non-trivial problem, with considerations like near-term global distributive justice and undermining legitimate expectations favouring investing in developing regions, especially in Asia, and considerations like long-term climate impacts and best uses of resources favouring investing in the relatively wealthy regions that have the best prospects for successful storage development.
Carbon capture and storage , Climate change , Climate justice , Global distributive justice , Legitimate expectations , Paris agreement
Mintz-Woo, K. and Lane, J. (2021) 'Why and where to fund carbon capture and storage', Science and Engineering Ethics, 27(6), 70 (18pp). doi: 10.1007/s11948-021-00344-3