An Egyptian mummy and coffin at University College Cork

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Davis, Helen
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University College Cork
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This thesis is an attempt to establish the relationship between an Egyptian mummy, cartonnage and coffin. To this end, the mummy was x-rayed by conventional means and C.T scanning to discover possible a date and to discover whether there was anything unusual about it from the point of view of pathology, bandaging, or mummification process. The bandages were analysed microscopically and by chemical analyses. The cartonnage was examined to extablish a possible method for its manufacture, and to discover whether all four pieces belonged together. The inscriptions and subjects depicted upon it were drawn and photographed and where possible, interpreted. The provenance of the coffin was established, its inscriptions and art work recorded by drawing and photography and its present location communicated to the Topographical Bibliography of Egyptian Inscriptions the Griffith Institute at Oxford.
Egypt , Antiquities , Mummies
Moloney, H. M. 1988. An Egyptian mummy and coffin at University College Cork. MA Thesis, University College Cork.
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