Hardware reduction in digital delta-sigma modulators via error masking - part I: MASH DDSM

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Ye, Zhipeng
Kennedy, Michael Peter
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Two classes of techniques have been developed to whiten the quantization noise in digital delta-sigma modulators (DDSMs): deterministic and stochastic. In this two-part paper, a design methodology for reduced-complexity DDSMs is presented. The design methodology is based on error masking. Rules for selecting the word lengths of the stages in multistage architectures are presented. We show that the hardware requirement can be reduced by up to 20% compared with a conventional design, without sacrificing performance. Simulation and experimental results confirm theoretical predictions. Part I addresses MultistAge noise SHaping (MASH) DDSMs; Part II focuses on single-quantizer DDSMs..
Digital delta-sigma modulators , Multistage noise shaping , Error masking , Quantization noise
Ye, ZP, Kennedy, MP (2009) 'Hardware Reduction In Digital Delta-Sigma Modulators Via Error Masking-Part I: Mash Ddsm'. Ieee Transactions On Circuits and Systems I-Regular Papers, 56 (4):714-726.
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